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Ryutaro - Myojo August 2011
hisakolychee wrote in jump_no1

My personal outdoor experience diary
I forgot when it happened but during the orientation at school, we went out and stayed somewhere for the night. I was feeling pretty naughty at that time so I didn't think of anything else but pulling pranks on people. I surprised them by shouting in a big voice suddenly from behind, and served the rice heaped up in the bowl. There was a forest near the hotel we stayed at so me and my friends went to explore the place during free time. It was a mysterious forest and it seemed like there were a lot of bats flying around. We were looking at them and walked around freely, but we got lost so we were a little late coming back (to the hotel) so of course the teacher got mad at us afterwards. I cause too much of a ruckus, don't I. Sensei, I'm sorry for troubling you so many times!

Speaking of which, I have never gone camping with my family before. It would be nice if we got to go to somewhere far together once in a while. I want to bake cylinder-shaped sweets and chocolate cookies at the BBQ grill and eat them. As for vegetables.... well, I'm fine with just shiitake mushrooms. I hate almost everything else. We'll definitely stay at a hotel as well! It's bothersome to try and put up a tent and besides, my younger sister doesn't like them anyway. She says it's scary to be shaken by the wind at night. I hope that we'd be able to go to an hotel where we can have a BBQ!

Please ask permission first before re-posting/re-translating, etc

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ahahaha... XDD

you're really pretty naughty, ryu...
wonder how it feels entering a forest with bats flying around~~ sounds creepy... >o<

what you said makes me hungry...

cylinder-shaped sweets and chocolate cookies.... i want to try that one~~~

i want to try RYU's cooking!!!! XDD

thanks for the translation.. ^_^

i miss ryuu~ >.<

/thank you so much for sharing ^^

Awwwlz, Ryuu is so cute! x3
And lol at his little sister not liking tents? xD
Thanks for translating! :D

you're such a brat ryu....
but you're sooo damn cute as well...really can't hate you....
thanks for translating ^^

thank you for translating

How cute Ryu♥
The way he thinks of his siblings like that while making plans xD
and how he likes to prank xD so cute~ definitely matches his age lol

thanks for this!

lovly adventure :)
love u ryutaro*___*
miss u alot =(...

Thank you so much! (:
he's such a cutie ♥

this brat |D

hahaha thanks so much~

how cute ryuu :)
thank you for sharing this :D

I was feeling pretty naughty at that time so I didn't think of anything else but pulling pranks on people.

he's really love pranks ^O^

thank you for translating

he really is a kid that likes to cause trouble, isn't he? but that's the cute Ryu-chan that i really love <3 and he thinks about his sister too, so sweet. ;_; i miss him</3

thank you so much for translating~

ahhhhh... ryuuuu :(

miss you!!

thank you for sharing!!!

thanks for translating.... he loves play prank so much... cute.... ^^

Awwwwww, I miss Ryu :'(
Thanks for translating!

everyone has their own time being very naughty...
even i was naughty..actually ever since i was kid i was very naughty...just after when to middle school start being mama & papa girl..hehehe
i was fun camping outside.. learn so much and i prefer stay in tent..

Thank you for translating!
Ryu is such a cute troublemaker.

Awww. Ryu nii-chan. <3 Protective over his sister? Haha.
Thank you!

Ryutaro is just naughty but a loving n good brother..hehe^^
He's just cute..

Thank u for sharing this..XDDD

So cute :) Thanks for Translating!

Thanks for your translation
Can I re-translate it into Vietnamese?

You're welcome. :)
And yes, go ahead. Please remember to leave credits too though. Thanks!

may I repost this in fb? promise to credit u

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