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Ryutaro - Duet November 2008
森本龍太郎 ; 海
hisakolychee wrote in jump_no1

This is something I haven't mentioned anywhere. I am currently writing lyrics and compiling them. This is so that I can make a song. I want to make a lot of good songs and I want the person listening to them to think "who made these?" Then I want them to be surprised and ask "Oh, Morimoto-kun was the one!?" I have come to the thought that it would be nice if the name "Morimoto Ryutaro" was widely known. On top of that, in the future I want to be an artist who does everything from making his own lyrics and compositions, choreography, production, and costume proposals. I am earnestly writing lyrics right now as the first step to achieving that dream. I diligently write and put them together even during break time at school. However, I don't write at all during work because the other members are just going to make fun of me (bitter laugh). It's going to be my first month [doing this] just before SUMMARY begins (*Data for this article was taken in late August). I have already made around 30 song lyrics. Mr. Children's Sakurai Kazutoshi is someone I respect and I put his words "make songs with one song a day" into practice myself. There is still no technique when it comes to composing so with the method of applying my own lyrics to my favorite Mr. Children's and BOØWY's song melodies, I am practicing how to make music. I think it would be nice if one day I could study chord progression and make my very own original tune! 

A time when I can be relaxed is right before bed, as soon as I go in the futon. I can relax fully once the room is dark and while listening to music. Just a little while back, me and my family used to all sleep in the same room so listening to music while sleeping .... it wasn't that kind of atmosphere. I eventually got a room all to myself though so I was able to get some peaceful time to myself (laughs). A lot of people say "you can relax when you're with family" but at home, there is that (<- strong emphasis) Shintaro. He's so noisy, there's no way I could relax. I am more comforted writing lyrics by myself and playing with my hamster (laughs). 

Please ask permission first before reposting! Thank you :) 

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thanks for translating!!
aww i miss him already ;A;

He's writing songs I want to see them
The members making fun of him *laughing
Hahaha ... Shin-chan

i wish i can listen his own songs someday. Thanks for translating anyway

he's definitely the definition of cuteness!!! >_<
i really want to know what is his favorite song from mr. children (cz i love this band too!!!)
ganbare ryuu-chan!! *gah i miss this boy sooo bad*

forgot to say! thanks for translating ^^

gosh! he loves his brother! hahaha... ahhh... i miss this young man more now... >

aww, Ryu baby soooo cute <33 wow, he wrote 30 songs!? i say he work together with Keito and release some sort of duet together xD Keito can compose a song for him to write lyrics to lol.

thank you so much for sharing...
huaa~~ i miss ryuu....

awww that's such a cute picture!!!

wow, i never Ryu wrote song lyrics~ let's hope we'll get to hear those songs in the future :D

thanks for translating!

Thanks for translating!

T^T Ryuuuuuuu.
I'll wait for that day when your lyrics is published.

Thank you!
Permission to quote?

Permission to quote?

Okay~ :)

He really loves all of this....I will wait for the day, when the new album comes out and there will be the name Morimoto Ryutaro under song's lyrics.

Really thanks for translation :)

hamster boy^^
thanx for translating this^^

Aww ryutaro and his effort <3
if he try to learn music he'd be great (:

Thank you so much ^^

Aww Ryuu-chan~ *crying* please comeback
I want to hear you singing a song that you wrote!!!

Thanks for both translating and sharing<3

I diligently write and put them together even during break time at school. However, I don't write at all during work because the other members are just going to make fun of me (bitter laugh) - he's working hard but others were mean XD

He's so noisy, there's no way I could relax. - LOL siblings

thanks for this! :)

Thaaaaaankyou so much for translating this one ! (^人^)
Ryuu-kun is quite skillful so i think he can make his dreams come true (^∇^)
I really want ryuutaro back (T_T)・

miss ryutaro :( hope one day he can continue his dream thank you for translating

Ryuu. ;A; I'm going to cry.

Thanks for the translations. :3

thank you for translating :)

Baby dragon is still alive through his translations. I'll keep supporting Ryuu! <3 Thank you so much for this :)

domou... hana desu
he's really really talented boys...
gonna miss him so much....
n thanks for the translation :D

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